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Board Your Dog with a Neighbor for $5

We connect you with passionate dog owners in your community who have agreed to swap amazing in-home dog boarding experiences free of charge.
Do you have friends, neighbors or coworkers who love dogs?
When you invite them to Pooch Collection, we give both you and them a $10 credit once they create their profile.

How It Works


1 - Search Member Profiles

Search hosts by availability, breed type, preferences and featured activities.


2 - Schedule Reservation

Schedule an online reservation with a specific host or send a general inquiry to the community.


3 - Enjoy Your Travels

Travel worry free knowing that your pet is in a loving home without costing you a penny.


4 - Reciprocate the Hospitality

Agree to host another member's dog at your home or apartment when their owners travel.

Unmatched Value and Savings

Convenient & Affordable
Logo_small Peer to Peer
Boarding Sites
Boarding Kennels
Daily boarding fee (avg.) Compare-free
$41 per night
$50 to $65 per night
Host's motivation Compare-heart Compare-money Compare-money
Dog's sleeping accomodations Compare-home Compare-home Compare-cage
Personalized attention
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Benefits of Joining Pooch Collection

  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on dog boarding fees
  • Board your dog in a real home with a trusted neighbor
  • Provide your dog novel experiences while you are away
  • Ensure your dog receives personal attention and affection
  • Host loving dogs in your home when it's convenient for you
  • Build karma by helping other dog owning families

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pooch Collection?
Pooch Collection is an online service that connects dog owners with local, trustworthy neighbors who are willing to exchange amazing in-home boarding and dog walking experiences free of charge. By automatically matching members whose dogs have compatible profiles, Pooch Collection ensures owners save hundreds to thousands of dollars in dog care fees and time spent searching for the perfect host.

Who should use Pooch Collection?
Pooch Collection is designed for dog owners who think it is ridiculous to pay for dog boarding when there are a number of trustworthy dog owners in their community who are willing and able to accommodate their pets at any given time. Similarly, Pooch Collection is designed for dog owners who don't mind accommodating other well behaved animals in their homes when their schedules' permit.

How do I know the other members are considerate and loving dog owners?
When you join Pooch Collection, we encourage you to invite your closest, dog owning friends. And we encourage your friends to do the same. In fact, when you invite your friends, we give both you and them a $10 credit once they join. This helps to ensure your network on Pooch Collection is primarily comprised of your closest friends as well as people they trust. Beyond this filter, you can view each member’s profile containing pictures of them and their dogs, their responses to our interview questions, their hosting preferences, as well as a link to their LinkedIn profile if available.

How much will this cost me?
Pooch Collection members agree to board members' pets free of charge. So you don’t pay anything for dog boarding or dog walking services. Pooch Collection does charge members a small reservation fee of $5 that is applied at the end of a successful reservation. The average pet owner spends 15 nights away from home each year, and traditional boarding options range from $25 to $65 per night. So you'll experience considerable savings - even during your first reservation.

How else can I show a member my appreciation?
If you are absolutely content with your stay you may elect to make a voluntary donation for the hospitality a member has provided you and your dog. The decision whether to make a donation and the amount of the donation is at your sole discretion, and the host will not receive any compensation or consideration for accommodating your dog other than the amount (if any) of this voluntary donation.

How does the system work?
Each member starts with "0" points when they join Pooch Collection. You receive "+1" point each day you care for a member's dog, and "-1" point each day a member cares for your dog. Your point balance is automatically calculated and displayed in your dashboard for review. You will only receive requests where 1) the member’s dog’s behavior and size and 2) reservation period are compatible with the hosting preferences listed on your profile. Also, the lower your point balance, the more likely it is that you will receive a request from Pooch Collection to take care of a member’s dog.

Can anyone create a profile on Pooch Collection?
Yes, any dog owner or dog lover can create a profile on Pooch Collection. Our process is designed to identify individuals who are passionate about dogs and who want to go the extra mile to care for yours. We also welcome people who don’t currently own dogs, but who have considerable experience with dogs throughout their lives. We also welcome joggers, hikers and power walkers who wouldn’t mind having a neighbor’s dog keep them company while they exercise.

What differentiates Pooch Collection from websites?
First, Pooch Collection is founded on reciprocity. So we conveniently connect you with other trustworthy dog owners in your community who are willing to care for your dog free of charge when you agree to reciprocate the hospitality to any other member of the Pooch Collection community. This saves you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in dog care fees.

Second, Pooch Collection enables you select members based on the types of experiences (e.g. swimming, jogging, hiking or fetch) they are willing to provide your pet while under their care. So you can ensure your dog has a great time while you are away.

Third, Pooch Collection is convenient. We let you “favorite” the members you like. Then we contact them on your behalf, when you submit a request, saving you time and energy determining who is available and willing to accommodate you. If your preferred members are unavailable, we will also present you with the most desirable member based on a factors which include your request preferences, your dog’s behavior and size, as well as the hosting member’s hosting preferences.

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Rules of the Community

1. Each member starts with a balance of 0 pts.

a. You receive "+1" point every night you care for a dog.

b. You receive "-1" point every night someone cares for your dog.

2. If you submit a request via Pooch Collection, we will find a member who is available and willing to accommodate your dog within 24 hours after receiving your request.

3. If Pooch Collection receives a request from a member whose dog’s behavior and size, and reservation period are compatible with the hosting preferences listed on your profile, then you may receive a message from Pooch Collection asking you to accommodate the request.

4. If you accept a request to care for a member’s dog, the member who requested the service will then find a convenient time and place to conduct a “meetup” to ensure your two dogs are compatible.

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You have to create a Pooch Collection account or log in to your existing account to access this feature.