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Human: Shelley M. Alamo Square / Nopa, San Francisco Bay Area

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This member doesn't currently own a dog, but is available and willing to care for other member's dogs.

I will only host a dog that...

  • Occasionally chews or eats inappropriate items inside my home
  • Occasionally jumps on people at the door or while being greeted
  • Never barks incessantly while unprovoked
  • Never urinates or defecates inside the house
  • Occasionally pulls while on leash
  • Occasionally gets territorial/aggressive with other dogs
  • Occasionally mounts other dogs while at play
  • Occasionally needs to sleep in my room at night.
  • Always responds well to puppies and young children.
  • Never bites human beings or other dogs.
  • Always has positive interactions with dogs in dog parks.
  • Always needs to be inside when not under direct supervision.

Interview questions

What are your favorite areas in our community where you might take my dog to play?
I love going for runs along the Panhandle to GG park,and if they are up for it,all along JFK to the beach! I love playing in Alamo Sqaure with the other dogs,hiking along Sutro Heights,or visiting Duboce park.
How do you decide which types of dogs you will dog sit or allow into your home?
I will allow any type of dog into my home,as long as the do not bark unprovoked,and will not chew shoes. Neighbors being the reason for the no barking(practically everyone in my building has dogs,but no barkers!) and the reason for the shoes is that we have a shoe cubby right by the door.
How many animals will you accommodate at one time?
Do you walk in the rain, snow, or cold weather?
Yep. Not only do I walk,but I love running in the rain!
How might you handle a situation where another dog is unruly and misbehaving with my dog?
Leash,time out,and if neccesary,moving to a different area of the [park].


  • "She is one of the only people I trust with my dog! I reccomend her as much as I can. She truely loves having a dog around and takes care of the dog like its her best friend visiting"
    Sabrina M
    web review

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Stuff I'll do with your pooch

  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Pet Bath
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Report Card
  • Obedience
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Medication
  • Fetch
  • Tracking

I care for these sized dogs

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Gigantic

Provider type

  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Sitting & Walking